Is your jewelry handmade? 
At the moment, our small business does not have the capability to hand-make all our products in-house. A majority of our products are imported. However, we do hand-assemble or adjust sizing by hand. 
Can I wear my jewelry in the shower?
Our gold-filled jewelry and stainless steel gold plated jewelry holds up well in the shower. However, if your jewelry piece is made with enamel (e.g., Ancient Greek Coin Evil Eye) you will want to avoid the shower. You will want to avoid the shower or hand washing with our sterling silver gold plated jewelry. Eventually the plating will wear off and the silver will peek through. We thank you for your patience as we transition our pieces to being fully gold filled/stainless steel gold plated. To keep your jewelry in tip-top shape, we always advise removing your jewelry before showering, exercising, swimming etc., as it may interact with harsh chemicals. 
Why is my package delayed?
Unfortunately, once your package is handed off to our postal carrier we have no control over unforeseen delays. Delays are higher than usual due to the pandemic and during peak times (e.g., the holiday season). We always advise placing your order a few weeks in advance if it's a gift or if you need it by a certain date. We appreciate your patience and are always working hard to ship your package ASAP. Please notify us if you would like your package to arrive by a certain date!
Do you take custom requests?
Most of the time we can take custom requests. Please reach out to us! We love collaborating with you.
 I am sending a gift directly to someone. Can you help me make it special?
Yes! Absolutely! One thing we love most is special orders for our customers. Please contact us and we can come up with something special. We won't charge you extra! Check out our social media (TikTok/Instagram) to see how we have packaged some special orders.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! We are happy to ship internationally.