How to Layer Necklaces Like a Pro | Jewelry Tips

How to Layer Necklaces Like a Pro | Jewelry Tips

Love the layered necklace trend but not quite sure how to get the look? We’ve got some styling tips to help you build that perfect stack.
Grab a Simple Chain to Start 

You're going to want to grab a simple chain to start and ask yourself what look you're going for. Chic and simple? Bold and daring? Somewhere in the middle? Once you've got your look in mind, you can start building the bigger picture.

Simple look

For a simpler minimalistic look, we suggest pairing classic staple pieces such as our herringbone chain, snake chain and box chain. Lucky for you we're selling this trio as a jewelry set! Psst. All these chains make a great layering base! 

     Gold Essentials Set 

Sale Price: $122.27

Let's talk about length for our minimalist look. You're going to want to layer necklaces that are similar in thickness and length. So, about 1-2" in regard to length and 1-2mm in regard to thickness. When adding a charm or pendant, we suggest making that necklace the longest so it lays at the bottom. 

Bold Look

For a bolder look you can either layer your necklaces with one bold statement piece that takes centre stage, or you'll want to add dimension by mixing necklaces with varying textures, colours, thicknesses and lengths. 

One trend we're noticing this fall is layering a bold textured chain at the top, such as our chunky paperclip necklace, followed by one or two pendant necklaces - picture our coin necklace or silhouette necklace.


What about mixing metals? 

We suggest choosing similar metals for layering, as this creates a sense of unity among pieces. If you want to mix metals, then we suggest choosing one dominant metal and one subtler metal. 

Check out this layered look we're loving right now 

Here Comes the Sun Jewelry Set

Sale Price: 119.99

Have fun! 

In the grand scheme of things, it really comes down to personal preference on how you layer your jewelry. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to stack necklaces. See what works best for you. Mix it up and have fun!



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